David Sera’s Career

David Sera is Australia’s leading kart racer of all time, winning an unprecedented 18 Australian championships, 56 State championships, along with a 2nd place finish at the Rotax World Finals in 2011. Sera has also enjoyed success in Europe, USA, Japan & New Zealand.

David has worked with the DPE Kart Technology team throughout his eighteen years in the sport working closely with the development of chassis’ as well as racing for the factory team from 2006. in 2014, with the help of DPE, Sera has started his own line of karts called “Deadly” which range from Cadets through to CIK Classes.

In 2021, Sera launched kartclass.com which offers online karting programs to users covering driving techniques, race craft, kart setup and track guides.

18 x Australian Championships
56 x State Championships
2nd Rotax Grand Finals 2011 Al Ain, UAE
2nd SKUSA Supernats 2010, 2014 & 2013 TaG Senior Las Vegas, USA
2011 Florida Winter Tour Champion USA
2011 New Zealand Champion Rotax Light, Hamilton, NZ
2005 All-Yamaha Japanese Champion, Tsumagoi, Japan

Australian Championships
State Championships
Years of Knowledge